36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why metformin tablet is used

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Answer: Hi dear metformin is safe throughout the pregnancy and as well as in the second and third trimester specially the pregnant women with diabetes problem it is very good for them it ensures that there is no complication in the newborn.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Metformin tablet is for what cause
Answer: Metformin tablet is given in case of PCOD to prevent the diabetes because PCOD patient have higher insulin level.
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Question: Can i take metformin tablet
Answer: Hello! Any form of medicine should be taken only under the proper guidance of doctor. If your doctor has already prescribed you, then there is nothing to worry, you can definitely have it. Take care
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Question: How metformin tablet useful for pregnancy
Answer: Hi Dear! Metformin is basically fr type 2 Diabetes patients and women who r trying to conceive it helps in ovulation.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Madam please tell me, why is fertomid 50mg tablet used?? And enrifol tablet used???
Answer: hi dear fertomid 50mg tablet is mainly used to female fertility . it works for women who cannot get pregnant due to the problem with ovaluation(relese an egg). enrifol tablet is used for hormone replacement therapy .may this help full tq.
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