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Question: why so much of morning sickness?

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Answer: Hey relax, this is something every pregnant lady goes through.The most important thing to follow during pregnancy is to stay happy and stressfree, rest everything falls in place. Nausea is very tricky at first place it doesn't let you have anything , and then more you stay empty stomach more severe it gets. Start your day with white rasgulla or coconut water. It really helps in easing out nausea. Second eat in small quantity but at regular intervals. Lets say at every 2 hours, this will provide the extra calories needed for your baby’s development and also will keep nausea at bay. Staying hydrated is again a great remedy. After each meal munch on few roasted fennel seeds mixed with mishri. This keeps the mouth taste favourable and doesn't trigger nausea. Kerp yourself occupied because thinking about nausea makes you vomit more. Lastly you can ask your doctor to prescribe you antivomit pills and it will take care of all your worries. Stay blessed!
Answer: Morning sickness & heartburns are common symptoms in pregnancy as d body is working very hard and goes thru a lot of hormonal surge. Dont worry. You should eat smaller meals throughout the day, exercise regularly, eat a high fiber diet, drink lots of water and fluids. You can also talk to your doctor about reducing your doses of iron, which might make you feel uneasy
Answer: Its usually happens during First trimester of pragnency...need not to worry
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Question: Why my morning sickness starts in evening instead of morning
Answer: Hi dear, Nausea and vomiting as we know is quite common in pregnancy especially in 1st trimester.but some women can get in 2nd trimester and some continue till delivery.the pregnancy hormones to be blamed.but also depends on each body.many donot even get any nausea the entire pregnancy.how lucky!.no need to worry much about your own weight,your baby will be safe and can get nutrients from your saved storage. It can happen anytime,be it morning or evening.some women having it during evening could also be due to bloating issues.Youelp yourself during nausea by following the tips: 1- eat smaller meals.but eat frequently.as the digestion process slows down due to the growth of baby,eating smaller meals puts less stress to stomach 2- eat non spicy food and eating nuts can releave nausea 3- stay away from caffeine.it triggers nausea 4- eat less salt in food to avoid bloating 5- sniff lemon it refreshes the air around you 6- eating cold food sometimes prevent nausea by not triggering the intense smell of food 7- chew ginger and ajwain 8-drink plenty of water 9-take rest to calm your body 10-If nothing helps,take anti nausea meds,consult your doctor for that.
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Question: Why i am not feeling any morning sickness
Answer: Don't worry dear It is normal if u are are not feeling any nausea. It is common with all the pregnant ladies to be nausiatic. During pregnancy, many women experience the bouts of nausea and vomiting known as morning sickness. Despite its name, morning sickness can occur at any time, day or night. Although unpleasant, morning sickness is considered a normal part of a healthy pregnancy. But if u are not getting any morning sickness then it is normal. So, don't worry and enjoy this beautiful phase of life.
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Question: I have no morning sickness and pregnancy symptoms why?
Answer: No need to worry.. U r perfectly alright.. Enjoy your pregnancy.. There is no rule that everyone should have all the symptoms.. As long as you are healthy and all reports are normal.. U need not worry.. And you are still 6 weeks pregnant only.. In future you may observe some symptoms
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