33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why should we always sleep left in pregnancy?

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Answer: Hello The reason is that baby will get more oxygen and blood. If you lie straight it will give pressure to your back and gives pain to a nerve. And this reduces the flow of oxygen to the baby. So it's best to sleep on your left. Hope this helped you alot
Answer: Because the blood supply increases to the baby when we sleep on left side Which is good for the baby
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Question: Why should one sleep in left during pregnancy?
Answer: Hi! first of all sleeping during pregnancy is suggested to be on a side and preferably left side because the blood flow of the Placenta is good if you sleep on your left and if the blood flow is good in present it means that your baby will get all the nutrients it needs properly .. Hope this helps!
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Question: Always i should sleep on left side or else we can sleep right side or not?
Answer: It's better to sleep on left side as much as possible dear.... Sometimes u can change position...but left side sleeping is more advised
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Question: Why should we not sleep left side
Answer: We should sleep on left only as heart is there providing enough oxygen for baby
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