36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why R-nine prescribed by Doctor.. Is it useful for baby weight gain??

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Question: Nine month baby weight gain food
Answer: Hii dear u can give home made mashed food to ur baby. Do give 3 times proper diet to ur baby.this is the time from when baby get the habit of having proper meals in a day. In below list i m giving u different options for per day.choose any of DeSe per schedule At 8:00 or whatever be baby wake up time u can give breast or formula milk.  At 9:30 Banana porridge Barley porridge  Oats banana porridge  Suji kheer At 11 am Egg yolk Panner cube Bread slice Fruits but do avoid citrus fruit till 1 year of age At 1 pm when baby wake up after nap Pumpkin khichdi Lauki khichdi Rice and mixed vegetable Egg yolk and rice Potato and carrot khichdi  At 3 pm u can offer any fruit juice or milk At 6 pm  Panner piece Carrot stripe Potato.stripe Beetroot stripe Suji or besan halwa Cerelac At 8 pm Rawa idli Potato khichdi Plain khichdi Roti soaked in daal At sleeping time give breastmilk or formula milk.u can change the timing as per ur baby schedule but so offer DeSe no. Of full.meal. 
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Question: Hi doctor for me nw 29 weeks baby weight is 1120 ths ok r still has to gain plzz suggest how to gain baby weight
Answer: Weight to thik hai.. Aur chahe to healthy food lijiye.... Like fruits, milk..
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Question: why sustain sr tablet is prescribed by doctor...
Answer: To maintain progesterone level harmone in pregnancy...
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