13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why.. O week is written on my profile all the time.. Of healofy although I have completed all the requirements.

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Answer: Hi dear, I donot see anything of that sort.it is showing 13 weeks pregnant already.please log out and log in again.
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Question: Hiii mam I have completed 8 week of pregnancy... But I am pain all the time specially on right side of abdomen n leg... Why
Answer: leg pain is common during pregnancy. to minimise the pain you can dip your legs in warm water and put some salt in it. Massage with luke warm mustard oil. It is also very helpful. you can also use hot water bottle to release the pain. You can apply some muscle relaxants too. they will give you a relief but cramps and pain are part of the pregnancy.
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Question: What is the time of first usg.... I have completed my two months of pregnancy...
Answer: First ultrasound is very crucial it can be taken up between week 5--- week 11 so right now you are a perfect candidate to go for your first on as you are already in your 10 weeks to identify placental position and your baby's fetal pole development and Cardiac activity it is important to go for ultrasound now
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Question: Why my baby have cough all the time???
Answer: Hello! Babies have low immunity due to which they easily catch cold and cough. Try to give more of seasonal fruits, give fruits rich in vitamin c like oranges and guava. Also give green vegetables and proper diet. We cannot avoid it completely but yes try to reduce it. Take care
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