17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why my stomach becomes light sometimes I feel as if like there is nothing in my stomach in pregnancy

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Answer: We feel sometimes like that only. Once we done with anamoly scan we will have some relief. Later movements will be started
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Question: Why my stomach becomes light sometimes I feel like nothing is there....???
Answer: Hi,don't worry dear it happens,each day in pregnancy you will feel different symptoms so do not worry you must be feeling heavy could be due to gas or acidity also when you feel heavy you should take Ginger Honey face for peppermint one teaspoon you should have adequate intake of water all this will help you and there is nothing to worry
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Question: Why this feel like sometimes heavy and light in stomach?
Answer: In pregnancy it will be common.. depend upon the fetus growth some changes will ne happen in stomach so you feel changes
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Question: Why I'm feeling as if my stomach is light after eating it becomes heavy...??
Answer: Bcoz of acidity problms.. Having jeera water can reduce acidity
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Question: Sometimes I feel my stomach becomes loose why
Answer: Hi dear, Lot of changes that would be happening,are all normal.if your scans and blood tests are normal,nothing to worry much.many times uterus muscles expands and relaxes accordingly to hormonal fluctuations.not to worry.
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