10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why my sonography report says that the yolk sac & fetal pole are still not seen within ?? Also the the Dr. (Who has done my sonography) was telling me to remove this gestational sac as there is still no improvement ??

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Answer: Hello, I also had same problem two years back.The only solution is to remove rest of material in uterine cavity.otherwise it causes infection.when the yolk sac and foetal pole are not seen so how the improvement hel their.The Pregnancy Isn't Viable. When in a follow-up ultrasound there's still no sign of a fetal pole (or of a gestational sac, which appears as a white rim around a clear center and will eventually contain amniotic fluid and enclose the developing baby) it means a miscarriage has occurred
Answer: Yeah when the fetal pole is not seen then u need to remove it only ma. So there are no other option s for it.
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Question: I have done sonography in six week but fetal pole and yolk sac is not seen. why? I'm so worried
Answer: Hello dear, sometimes doctor didn't find fetel pole and yolk sac in early pregnancy. The fetal pole is a thickening on the margin of the yolk sac of a fetus during pregnancy. It is usually identified at 8 weeks with abdominal ultrasound imaging, and 6 weeks with vaginal ultrasound imaging. However it is quite normal for the fetal pole to not be visible until about 9 weeks. Hope it helped, Take care urself...
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Question: No fetal pole seen at 6 week. Gestational sac 7.8 mm. Yolk sac also present. What does it mean
Answer: Hello, Ideally foetal ole is seen at 6 weeks with cardiac activity.Between 5 ½ to 6 ½ weeks, a fetal poleor even a fetal heartbeat may be detected by vaginal ultrasound. Thefetal pole is the first visible sign of a developing embryo. If a vaginal ultrasound is done and no fetal pole or cardiac activity is seen, another ultrasound scan should be done in 3-7 days.
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Question: I took my sonography today report came as yolk sac seen but fetal pole is not seen.it also show gestational age 5weeks 2days+/- 1week.what does it mean.please help.
Answer: I also faced Same situation..but it was seen at 8 weeks..
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