27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why my right breast is larger than the left one?

1 Answers
Answer: It is very normal. To have unequal breasts. Mine one is higher and one is lower. Your body is having hormonal changes and the growth and shape will change still.
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Question: My right boob is larger than left one why so
Answer: It's very common dear.. our one boob is always smaller than the another one.. it is because of hormonal disbalance..most women are facing this problem,even m also having one larger and one smaller..so don't worry
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Question: My right breast is larger than left ,it is why
Answer: Old people say that if right breast is bigger then left one , predict is that it's a baby boy
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Question: My right breast is more larger than left breast give me suggestions to meet the difference?
Answer: One sided feeding Will results in these size differences.. so Feed both sides alternatively..
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