37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why my questions are not answering

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Answer: Hi dear, It is really sad to know that.please repost it here,I might be able to help you out.you know that this is a community forum,and so.many questions are posted everyday I guess your question might have got missed out .please share your concern with me.
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    Shweta Samsung1004 days ago

    Ma'am, I'm 36 weeks 2 days pregnant. As per doppler scan fetal heart rate 163. Bpd 96mm hc 343 ac 350 mm fl 72 mm. Gestational age 38 weeks +- 3 weeks. Fetal weight 3550+-550. Umbilical artery pi 1.58 RI 0. 33 SD 1.5. Middle cerebral anary Pi 2.96 Ri 1.00. Please advise is everything fine as per scan. Is it possible for normal delivery.

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Answer: Hi Dear.. sorry for inconvenience .. Its an community of moms and moms to be and experts. In case you didnt recieve the answer in your questions, repost the question and also ask in chat group and doctors live session to get addressed as early as possible. Here all moms help each other to best possible way. Hope you Understand.
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