7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why my left breast is heavier than my right one

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Answer: Happens during pregnancy, massage by olive or coconut oil if it pain.
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Question: My right breast is heavier than left .. what can be the reason
Answer: It is normal. Most of the womens will be having like that only. Normally it will not be visible. As you are pregnant now, there will be some changes in breast and it is visible now.
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Question: My right breast is becoming more heavier than my left one... Feeling very uneasy
Answer: Hi dear. there is always a slight difference between both breast and don't worry as your pregnant then your milk ducts are in process of producing milk for baby in future , that's why there are so many changes happening in your breast , there isn't anything to worry about . you must choose a good bra to support your breast but make sure not to choose to tight bra as it can suppress milk production and will also make you feel shortness of breath . Take care
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Question: Why my right breast is larger than the left one?
Answer: It is very normal. To have unequal breasts. Mine one is higher and one is lower. Your body is having hormonal changes and the growth and shape will change still.
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