2 years old baby

Question: Why my daughter always feel shy crom others do not want to mingle with others

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Answer: Try to take her out to see more people and new place ..more exposure is the only way for this...
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Question: Why my daughter dont want to talk with anyone always hide herself from others
Answer: Nothing to worry dear. This is because the baby is shy. As the baby grows older the shyness will fade away and she will start interacting with others and will start making friends
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Question: My 3 year child not mingle with other childrens in school, what to do for that?
Answer: Hi. Don't worry. It takes time for baby. If possible take baby to places where kids are there like parks. Tell baby that baby should mingle. Slowly baby mingles. Don't worry. Take care
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Question: Hi i always feel like i want to urinate,why?
Answer: Hello dear, it is due to the pressure in abdomen area and its normal .
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