1 months old baby

Question: Why my baby often spit up milk sometimes through nose

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Answer: After feeding ap usse dikar dilao foran apne sath laga k kamar p lightly hath phero usse dikar ayegi
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Question: Do newborn spit milk through their nose?
Answer: Hello! Yes, newborn do spit which does come out through the nose too. Hence there is nothing to worry. Make sure you keep burping the baby. Take care
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Question: My son spit up often why it causes
Answer: . There can be several reasons for this, may be your bbay is taking more milk than required, baby have tendency to spit excess quantity of milk . Vomiting or spiting at this age is totally normal. You judt make sure to burp her after each and every feed. Try to do on and off feeding, that meand feed her for few minutes then burp , again feed her for frw minutes and burp again . Baby can vomit in curd form or even liquid milk also, nothing to worry in both situations. She can also vomit if she is facing acid reflux, makr sure that she don't ingest air while feeding, babies intake air while feeding especially bottle fed baby do so, this air give them gas issue. Take care.
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Question: Why my baby spit up milk?
Answer: Hi dear, baby stomach is very simple and can spit up milk if you over feed. Don't let your baby I just immediately after feeding. Hold your baby in a preposition on your shoulder for at least 15 to 20 minutes after each feed to prevent backflow of milk. Burp your baby well in between & after each feed. Hope it helps.
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