18 months old baby

Question: why my baby many times hitting his head on the wall?

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Answer: Hi dear, Seems like a behavioural phase.many toddlers do that.but also observe if this behaviour is after a particular situation.if the baby is stubborn,or angry,they try to express in many ways.one such behaviour could be banging head on wall.but you need to be quite careful,as baby could hurt himself very badly.some babies have strong pain tolerable capacity,but this could be risky.as they could even bleed and might not feel much pain.i am thinking it is just a phase.it should pass.
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Question: Why my baby hit his head to the floor and wall?
Answer: Hi dear, That must be a scary incident.i know how terrified would you be. Some babies have this weird habits,that is difficult to understand.babies with hyperactivity,which is common in babies and toddlers,have such habit of expressing their excitement that way.they are full of energy,that needs to be released.so try to channel his energy by making him run around or keeping him engaged in some age based puzzle activities etc.once the child gets bored they do such dangerous stuff,which thy are not aware of.keep talking to him,engage him in some activities.also do child safe kits around.
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Question: Why my baby hit his head to wall and floo?
Answer: Dear sometimes baby do it just tot the attention and sometimes it is due to anger. My daughter didi it by mistake most of the time when she was trying to g balance. So what kind of banging head on wall your baby is doing, is something you need to understand from the behaviour of your baby. Hope it helps.
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Question: For the last week my baby is hitting his head with whatever he has on his hands.and sometimes hitting his head on floor also and feeling happy with that. But it is hurting him sometimes.why is he doing so?
Answer: some baby will be like that dont get worryed just divert them and play soon they will overcome that
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