7 months old baby

Question: Why my baby is not sleeping continuously my baby boy sleeps and woke in a minutes can anyone tell me how to get continues sleep for him

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Answer: Give feed properly and massage the baby,provide calm environment
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Question: During daytime my baby sleeps for an hour only when i sleep with him even when i feed him before sleeping otherwise he sleeps only for ten minutes
Answer: hii dear there are many reasons why baby is not sleeping. may be baby having pain in her stomach or gas or rashes which baby cant tell us. you need to check and find out that. when you try to make her sleep dress her comfortable cloths not tight one.every child has different sleeping pattern so you need not to worry about.feed her every 2 hrs and massage her 2 times a day so that she feel relax and sleep well. before you make her sleep make sure you feed her first. and breastfeed her properly if baby is hungry then she will wake in few mins. dont worry if she sleeps when you sleep with then you to sleep with her and take rest.
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Question: How to get nice sleep, tell me tips for sleeping
Answer: Hi dear. Sleeping is not less than a battle in pregnancy. Some mothers face sleeping issue right from the beginning of pregnancy, even i faced same. You have a good head massage with warm oil, this will help you to enjoy deep sleep. Never forget to drink a glass of hot milk before going to bed. Do some meditation, it will help your mind to stay relax and will promote sleep. Keep yourself away from all kind of negative thoughts. Go for a walk daily. Try to find your comfortable sleeping position. Pray to God before going to sleep
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Question: My son is not sleeping for long hours. He sleeps max for 2hrs, even during night times he sleeps hardly for 2hrs continuously and not more than that. How can I make him sleep for long hrs
Answer: good massage and bath can we cure baby feel tired and drowsy. Bata do newborn babies have very varing sleep patterns and you have to go by them
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