2 months old baby

Question: Why my baby boy is crying while urinating

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Answer: He myt b having any urine infection go for doctors suggestion
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Question: Why my baby crying before urinating??
Answer: Hi dear, Baby crying while passing urine could be due to: 1- too much concentrated urine,happens due to dehydration 2- rashes around the area,as baby's skin is too sensitive for acidic urine 3- urinary tract infections So you need to analyze the reason behind it.observe any rashes in that area,if yes,then start using B4 nappy cream there. Make your baby drink plenty water.also check with doctor if,baby is crying too much while passing urin,it could be infection and it might need antibiotics to cure.
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Question: my baby is crying while urinating what to do
Answer: hello dear it may be due to urine infection. check the symptoms --- if urine looks unusually dark, it may be infection. if urine has strong smell it may be infection. if baby has fever, it may be infection.  if your baby has these symptoms go to pedestrian.
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Question: My one month old boy crying while urinating. What is d reason
Answer: Hello! It is common in babies. As urine and stool is something new for them. One more reason is they get wet while passing urine. So to express that they cry. There is nothing to worry. It is absolutely normal. Take care
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