5 months old baby

Question: Why my 5 month old baby is having mouth full of saliva

2 Answers
Answer: Dear baby at this age do drool alot it's fine and mostly the reason of it is teething so don't worry juts keep cleaning it frequently..
Answer: it's normal dear. don't worry.
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Question: My baby taking out saliva from his mouth is it normal He is 2 month old
Answer: Yes dear, drooling is normal in small babies as they have hyperactive salivary glands & weak facial muscle. With time this problem will resolve. Don't worry.
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Question: There will be saliva coming out of my 3 months old baby mouth... Is it normal?
Answer: Hi dear Drooling is normal during this time... It can be due to teething....
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Question: Why my baby is having so much saliva
Answer: Its normal to have saliva in babys mouth... So no need to get worry..
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