4 months old baby

Question: Why is there mucus in my baby's poop

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Answer: Hello dear. If stool has visible mucus or green in color it can be a sign of bacterial infections. It also happens if the baby is on more of formula milk. You can consult your pediatrician, so that the doctor would be able to treat this. Not to worry, your baby would be fine. Take care.
Answer: Hi dear ur baby must be suffering from cold and the only way for baby to come out mucus is potty so it is fine
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    Abhishek Anand89 days ago

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Question: I'm noticing some mucus with some red colour in my baby's poop..is there any serious thing in it?
Answer: Hello ! Please check next time ,what that red colour can be and some times food particles also comes out . In that case nothing to be worried about . Once a while mucus is nothing to be worried . Take carry
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Question: My baby's poop is getting smell why
Answer: are u giving ur baby breast milk or formula??? if ur baby is totally depent on u then u have to be carefull about our eating habits dont eat fast food , much carbohydrates or spicy food
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Question: there is noise in my baby's stomach and he didn't poop for 2 days. .why it is?
Answer: Hi dear, Do not worry if you are breastfeeding your baby. Most of the breastfed babies can go without pooping for a week and it is very normal. If your baby is formula fed,you need to poop your baby everyday. Kindly check your doctor if your baby is formula fed and not pooped for that long.if breastfed no need to worry.
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Question: My baby's poop is green in colour why??
Answer: Due to cold or some infection colour changes.
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