31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: WhY is there heart beat running fast? Is it normal?

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Answer: Hii dear it is totally normal in pregnancy.... aap jayada se jayada water lo..
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Question: I have too fast heart beat. Is it normal
Answer: Hi dear high blood flow and excessive pressure on body can increase heartbeat . But its important to stay relax and hydrated. Dont take any stress and get your BP checked frequently..
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Question: Feeling fast heart beat why it happens
Answer: Hi dear, increased heart beat is usually normal,  If the cause something serious, your doctor will also prescribe the course of treatment and precautions. consult your doctor regarding this as well. Making sure that you are calm is one of the best remedies if you are experiencing a fast heartbeat during pregnancy. Drinking moderate amounts of chamomile tea or aromatherapy with lavender can go a long way in calming your emotions. Make sure that you are getting enough sleep with regular sleep patterns that remain undisturbed. Yoga and meditation are also options for you to explore but be sure to clarify with your doctor before trying anything.
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Question: My heart beat was so fast why
Answer: Hi dear please forget yourself checked for BP if sometimes the pressure is high the heartbeat can be faster .. Hope this helps!
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