37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why is there difference in the size of the nipple. My right nipple is bigger than left one

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Answer: A Woman breast is not symmetrical. Anomaly we have one breast little larger than other. It is normal and there is nothing to worry about.
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Question: Is there anyone in the group who has difference in their breast size.?? Like left is bigger than right.??
Answer: Yes, this happens. Try to wear a bra which is comfortable and good size for you.... hopefully both breasts would become the same size...as they still increase while feeding.
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Question: I am 23 weeks pregnant, and the size of my right chest is bigger than the left one. Is it normal or not? What is the reason of the difference?
Answer: Having different-sized breasts is perfectly normal. It's quite common for girls to havedifferent-sized breasts or nipples, especially as they develop during puberty. 
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Question: My left breast is bigger than right why it happened
Answer: Usualy it happns....some get there right biger,some get left biger...nothing to worry..its normal
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