9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why is my belly appearing so big in 2 months

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Answer: Hi dear, If it is your first pregnancy then it could be due to heavy bloating.i had the similar thing in first trimester.it used to grow huge in evenings.but in mornings it used to be comparatively ok.so I believe in your case too it is more of bloating.
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Question: My belly is not as much as big ...Y?
Answer: Hi.. at 16 week it is very normal to not have a seemingly large belly.. according to trimestwise weight gain in first trimester weight gain is least.. than in second it increases slowly.. n in third n final trimester it increasy fastly.. so dont worry.. its totally fine.
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Question: hi its my first pregnancy and n im 31 weeks pregnant my belly bump is not so big its small what does it means is baby weight is low or other reason (im not so thin nor so fat)
Answer: Hi dear it's fine ... Nothing to worry about it ... It is common in may ladies and bulging tummy is not a perimeter of child wt so relax. Actual wt and growth of child can be known through scan . Hope this info will be helpful .Tc
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Question: why is my baby moving so much
Answer: If you feel the movements have suddenly increased, then don't worry and do once call the doctor and keep him informed.. But if not suddenly and it happens like this only then don't worry.. Some do experience this.
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