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Question: Why i feel sleepy all the time

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Answer: Hello , Making a baby is not an easy task it takes a toll on your body and causes fatigue. During early pregnancy hormonal changes are likely to be the most common cause for fatigue. Your body is producing more blood to carry nutrients to your baby . Your blood sugar levels and blood pressure are also low during this time . Hormonal changes especially progesterone is the main cause of sleepiness. In addition to the physical changes emotional changes also contribute to the tiredness. It is important to know that emotional factors may manifest physically but mainly you need to understand that all this is a normal part of pregnnacy. You can make yourself feel better by having small nutritious meals several times a day going for short walks for some fresh air. You can also do things you like such as listening to calming music or art to keep u calm mentally and in turn help you and your baby be physically fit.
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Answer: Yes, fatigue is especially common during the first trimester and the condition tends to return in late pregnancy. No one knows for sure what causes fatigue in early pregnancy, but it's possible that hormonal changes – like the dramatic rise in progesterone – are at least partly responsible. For many women, exhaustion is one of the first signs of pregnancy, and they constantly feel tired even before they're showing or carrying any extra weight. But other women hardly seem to slow down at all. Thanku
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Question: I feel very sleepy all the time. Why
Answer: hii dear congratulations for ur pregnancy . Hii Being tired all the time is pretty normal when you're expecting especially during early and late pregnancy, when your hormones are working overtime to make all the changes your body needs. You might also be having trouble sleepingbecause you need to get up to pee during the night, or because heartburn or leg cramps  are keeping you up.To boost your energy, drink lots of water and eat small, healthy meals and snacksthroughout the day. Go for protein and complex carb combos like whole-grain cereal with low-fat milk, a piece of cheese on whole-grain crackers or a couple slices of turkey on whole-wheat bread.
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Question: Why do i feel so sleepy all the time?
Answer: this is absolutely normal to feel nausea and vomiting until 13th week sometimes in case of a twin pregnancy or a multiple pregnancies nausea and vomiting is more such as three to four times a day but usually it will subside after 18 weeks. Drink lemon juice twice a day, keep a raw or green lemon with you all day, you can rub a drip of kemin or sweet orange essential oil on the downside of your wrist and smell it and when you feel vomiting. Ginger water is also known to help in case of neausea. Avoid oily food focus more on eating fruits. If you do not have a twin pregnancy or you have a confirmed singleton pregnancy then you must keep a watch on your nausea and vomiting or in case if at all you feel dizzy or weak your symptoms may subside around 18th week but if you feel nausea and vomiting even after completion of 18th week then you should visit your gynecologist and she will do a detailed USG and you will be required to do some blood tests.
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Question: I feel sleepy all the time
Answer: Hormonal changes are likely the cause of fatigue. If you can, take naps or have an early night. You’ll need more sleep in early pregnancy, so rest whenever you can.  A healthy diet will keep your energy levels up.Add fruits,vegetables,dairy products,eggs in your diet..going for a walk can give you an energy boost, and help you to feel less tired.
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Question: All the time i feel sleepy
Answer: It happens dear... Dont worry. Take rest if possible..
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