31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why i feel pain between my legs and vaginal side, even when i change my position in sleep time?

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Answer: Absolutely normal.. It happens cz you are nearest to deliver the baby.. The baby has taken its position with its head turned to the lower .. The weight of the baby makes the pain near vagina.. especially during the last days of pregnancy..
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Question: Why i fell pain between my legs when i sleep even when i changing my position?
Answer: Hi dear it do happens as ur body parts r giving more pressure to ur legs. Do use pillow or if u have maternity pillow then it is best to give a proper support to ur body. Also u can soak ur legs in warm salty water tk cure pain.
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Question: Hello... I'm in my 8th month I'll feel very pain in between my legs when I get up from chair or bed and even when change my position from one side to other while sleeping
Answer: hi dear! you can put a balm like medicine called oxalgin nano gel dear. and do consult with your doctor for this dear and also use hot compress on areas of pain. and also while lying on the bed try elevating your legs by putting a pillow underneath. take care dear!
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Question: I feel pain upper side of vaginal and cause problem when I change the side.
Answer: Hello! This is common during pregnancy. It happens mainly due to the growing weight of the baby which puts pressure on all the surrounding organs including the pelvic area. Try these to feel little better. Drink lots of water regularly. Do brisk walk and pelvic floor exercises like kegel . Sleep on sides and take a warm bath or apply hot water bottle wrapped in a towel. Take care
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