33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: why genital area get painful and swollen in 8th month

2 Answers
Answer: Dear it happens because of low blood flow in the lower body and also the pressure of growing baby. So always keep a pillow under your legs while sitting and while sleeping also.
Answer: Hi,it is because of the preassure on the vagina as the baby weight is increasing and the uterus is expanding and the baby is pushing downwards
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Question: Why do my legs get swollen
Answer: Hi! Yes dear its common I had it 4 months onwards. Keep yourself hydrated, elevate feet while sitting or sleeping, get up and walk for few mins after every hour, daily massage (light) of legs below knees by someone or buy a foot massager, while sitting constantly wiggle the toes. It's all about improving circulation! Good luck!
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Question: Hello m 28 weeks pregnant, m having swollen genital area since yesterday which is also tender. Is it normal?
Answer: No it is not normal..plss consult ur doctor and avoid sitting for long hrs to avoid more swelling and take rest
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Question: Missed my periods and my breasts are swollen and painful why
Answer: Its a sign of pregnancy... Even I had the same symptoms during my early weeks..
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