17 weeks pregnant mother

Why ecosprin during pregnancy when bp is high

Hello dear. It helps to prevent the clots from forming. This treatment can dramatically reduce the risk of miscarriage.  Take care.
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Question: What is ecosprin?and why is it given during pregnancy
Answer: Ecosprin is a blood thinner and It prevents clotting of blood , also reduces inflammation. It is given during pregnancy to avoid the risk of miscarriage.
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Question: Low or high bp is it normal during early pregnancy
Answer: High BP in pregnancy is not good thing bt low BP in limited BP OK during pregnancy
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Question: Why ecosprin 75 during pregnancy ? My gynac prescribed me ecosprin 75
Answer: Hello Dear ecosprin is given either yu have blood pressure problem or yur blood is thick. This thin the blood n make it more easy to reach baby which in other way secure yur pregnancy. Do no harm don't Google everything not everything is correct on net. Yur doctor knows you n yur featus much better trust her n do exactly what she says. Take care
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