6 months old baby

Question: Why does my 6 months old baby boy suddenly screeming in sleep??

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Question: My baby boy is 11 months old, he suddenly started crying loudly while as sleep.. can't understand why.. pls suggest?
Answer: Hi dear, may b ur baby feels hungry, make sure to change his nappy n clothes before he is going to bed... Its some time bexause of hot weather as well... Dont over cover him...
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Question: Why does the baby suddenly cry loudly in the middle of sleep? Pls help me with the answer
Answer: Hello dear It seems that often, crying with eyes closed, means that the baby is tired and wants to go back to sleep but it unable to do so. This could be due to overtiredness, discomfort or pain. 
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Question: Hi, Why do babies start crying suddenly in sleep? He is 2 months old
Answer: May be dey r hungry or they need us to hold them.. Like pampering since dey r new to this environmemt.
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