8 months old baby

Question: Why does my baby put everything in her mouth?

2 Answers
Answer: Hello, this is a type of skill training, baby's will develop hand to mouth coordination during this phase so they will be curious to try putting new objects in mouth. So nothing to worry.
Answer: That's normal development process. Try to keep clean kid toys around the baby.
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Question: My baby put his finger in his mouth .why
Answer: Hi I use to put mittens on my babys hands it helped me to keep his fingers away from mouth Putting fingers in mouth might be a sign that your baby is hungry It might also be that your baby is teething provide your baby with water filled teether that can be cooled to comfort the sore gums Trim your baby's nails regularly .
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Question: My 3 months old daughter likes to put everything in her mouth specially her both hands. What to do??
Answer: Hello dear you can use femite lotion as it is for the same purpose. Just applying it on ur baby's fingers would help. Your baby wouldn't be taking the fingers inside the mouth after that.
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Question: hii.. my 3.5 month old baby girl try to put everything in her mouth. also her gums is little bit hard and she tried to chew everything like finger. does this her teeth extraction phase?? can we use teethers??
Answer: Teething is very tough stage because child has lot of discomfort Give him teethers soft nipple like yesterday that soothdn his need Apply dentogel where he is getting irritated a lot as it soothes the pain boy will be relaxed Always give only sterilised teethers If you don't find any improvement show to a dentist and they can guide you better
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