26 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why does my baby gets hard inside ??

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Answer: Because of its bones
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    rinchen lama892 days ago

    Very funny bitch

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Question: Why does it itches inside my vagina when i pee
Answer: Hello dear. The itching and burning brought on by a yeast infection is usually caused by an overgrowth of Candida, a fungus that naturally lives in the vagina. If the discharge is clear or white and odor-free, it's most likely caused by pregnancy hormones, and it's a sign that the vagina is healthy. There are four vaginal infections which ranges from common to more rare, can affect pregnant women. You'll have to check with your gynecologist if it's other type of infections or just due to harmonal imbalance, if the itching persists. Tips to Treat Vaginal Itching During Pregnancy: Comfortable clothing. Veginal wash Apple Cider Vinegar. Honey Drink lots of water. If these doesn't help, please consult your gynecologist. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: y does the tummy gets hard at sometimes
Answer: Hello! It is absolutely normal to have it. It is part of pregnancy, this is due to the growing uterus.  Also, usually, pregnant women tend to experience symptoms of excessive hardness after the second trimester as it is then that the foetal skeleton develops and expands at the same time. The belly becomes hard after the bones in the baby's body starts to take shape.  Hope this was helpful. Take care
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Question: Why does my upper abdomen get very hard and tight
Answer: Hello dear The main cause of hard belly during pregnancy is that the uterus starts to apply pressure on the abdomen and it tends to expand. when the baby grows during the second trimester, the water volume in the stomach will increase. It will eventually leads to a hard stomach.
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