2 months old baby

Question: Why does my 1 and half month old baby vomit after every feed and even after burping

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Answer: Hi! Spitting out curdled milk is common in babies, since their food pipe is still being developed , some milk remains in the food pipe and stomach gas throws it out which becomes curdled and it is normal Keep feeding the baby and burp it well after every feed and keeping upright fr sometime does help.. Good luck!
Answer: U must had something sour in ur food....like pickles.... Khatta khane se baby vomit krte hai.... So avoid it....
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Question: What if baby is getting curd like vomit after every feed even after giving burping
Answer: Curd like format is nothing but the extra milk in your baby stomach that comes out in form of spitting. In stomach we have acid for digestion that convert milk instantly curdy. The extra milk baby have in stomach can come out as curdy spit . It's normal but don't overfeed your baby.
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Question: Will my food intake effect Brest milk and create vomiting in baby she is 1 and a half months old she vomit after every feed even after burping
Answer: Yes your food can definitely make impact on baby's digestion , and as far as vomiting is concerned, . There can be several reasons for this, may be your bbay is taking more milk than required, baby have tendency to spit excess quantity of milk . Vomiting or spiting at this age is totally normal. You judt make sure to burp her after each and every feed. Try to do on and off feeding, that meand feed her for few minutes then burp , again feed her for frw minutes and burp again . Baby can vomit in curd form or even liquid milk also, nothing to worry in both situations. She can also vomit if she is facing acid reflux, makr sure that she don't ingest air while feeding, babies intake air while feeding especially bottle fed baby do so, this air give them gas issue. Take care.
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Question: My baby will vomit little milk even after burping. Why and wat may be the reason
Answer: Hello dear As ur baby is just 2 months old, this time babys stomach is too small and he can have only less milk at a time. Too much milk during feeding can cause ur baby to vomit. So give proper burp after every feeding
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