30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why does baby shakes a lot ...sometimes i feel it shivers...

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Answer: Hello dear. These are the types if movement baby does. It is normal there is nothing to worry. Actually at thus stage baby is trying to change the position into head down so that kind of position is normal at this time. Hope it helps.
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    sid t839 days ago

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Question: Why does it bleed a little sometimes
Answer: Hi.. Little spotting is normal during first trimester. However, whenever you will visit your gynaecologist next inform about it.
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Question: Hello all...I have started to feel my baby's movement..sometimes he moves a lot and sometimes does not move for long time..why is it so???????
Answer: Dear babies movement will vary day by day..... And babies when grows the count of movemenrt will keep on changing....have food properly...when you are hungry even baby moves a lot....so yoi need to have food in intervels..so that even baby also get proper growth.
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Question: Why baby shakes his one leg sometimes for while in a day. Is it normal
Answer: Yes with new born babies shaking legs occasionally is normal. But be careful and if any thing unusual you find please record a video and then show that to your paediatrician. these days we should not ignore anything with babies. Take Care!
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