17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why doctors suggest not to take stairs? Plz tell

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Answer: Can be give broccoli to 9+ baby?
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Question: Why doctors suggest dopstone medcine
Answer: hi dear duphaston is a progesteron tablet and it used to treat chances of miscarriage and abortion during early weeks of pregnancy. low level of progesterone can increases complications. if your doctor prescribed this medicine you should take it accordingly.
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Question: In 9th month of pregnancy usualy doctors do not suggest any medicine... They stop medication .Why?
Answer: Hello dear, if everything is going smoothly with you, you don't have any medical complications, no need to take medicine.
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Question: What is triple marker test ,why doctors suggest that
Answer: The triple test, also called triple screen, the Kettering test or the Bart's test, is an investigation performed during pregnancy in the second trimester to classify a patient as either high-risk or low-risk for chromosomal abnormalities.
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