13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Why do i feel stomach tightness? When i touch my belly it feels so tight

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Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy I can understand your anxiety. Tummy tightness is mostly due to gas and hormone changes. Stomach tightness can be reduced to a great extent by taking cumin water with ghee and sugar. It helps to get relief from gas so tummy becomes lose. Take care
Answer: Hi dear, Lot of changes that take place during pregnancy is quite normal,nothing to worry about.your tummy starts to strech by end of 1st trimester. Due to several physiological changes,the tummy feels right and heavy.donot worry this will be on and off .
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Question: Why my stomach feels tight?
Answer: Hey Lovely, It could be your uterus expanding a bit more, Baby changing position or it could be Braxton Hick contractions...Dont worry these are just practice contractions and normally go away after a while, They can come and go during the day.
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Question: I feel my belly so tight...why?
Answer: Hello! Your belly does feel tight as it grows big, it will feel much heavier too within a few weeks more. Your abdomen gets harder with time and its normal.
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Question: Why do my belly feel so tight durinh night time??
Answer: It's Braxton Hicks contractions even I feel the same
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