39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: why do abdomen gets much itching in the 9th month

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Answer: its all because your baby growth and water level in body your skin stretches to maximum extent and due to lack of moisture in skin its tarts itching.
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Question: Why does the abdomen gets rigid or stiff/hard sometimes and gets recovered in half to 1 minute??
Answer: Hi.that stiffness or tightness of tummy is called Braxton Hicks and contractions,which is common in 3rd trimester of pregnancy unless it is accompanied by more pain,dont worry.
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Question: Why extreme itching in lower abdomen while i wakeup in the morning???
Answer: Hi,you should apply aloe vera gel on laptop calamine lotion which will help to give you some relief it can also be due to sweat.
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Question: My baby gets too much saliva in her mouth. Why?
Answer: Hello dear, babies do not know how to swallow their saliva as yet and this causes accumulation of saliva in your baby's mouth... this is absolutely common and there's no need to be worried...
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Question: Why the baby gets foam in mouth?
Answer: Might be you are feeding more milk dear. If baby gets execess they spill it out. Since they swallow the milk with salaiva they the bubbles formation will tend in foam way. Rub the jai phal on stone with mother's breast milk and feed the baby in pinch quantity after giving bath to child weekly once. It's the home remedy granny does. Try this and see.
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