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Question: Why BP (140/80) level increases during first trimester of pregnancy.. How to overcome it.. Is it safe for baby. Please suggest..

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Answer: It is not good sign, please don't have any pickles or salted food items... Try to control natural way
Answer: Reduce salt in ur food..avoid namkins...after any food taking must walk for some time
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Question: Is it safe to take cetirizine for cough during pregnancy
Answer: You should not take any medicine without consulting your doctor . if your doctor prescribe you then you should taale. you can try some home remedies to cure cough you should take steam gargle drinking ginger tea Luke warm lemon water.
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Question: is it safe to use indian toilet during third trimester
Answer: Congratulations 4 pregnancy dear if there s no complication as low lying placenta bleeding or pain or short cervix then u can use indian toilet its safe 4 u . Otherwise in complicated pregnancy use western toilet
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Question: Is it safe to eat boil egg during cold and the second trimester of pregnancy
Answer: Yes dear .. you can eat eggs during pregnancy time too. Just make sure it should be hard boiled. you can eat omelet
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