37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: why belly button pops out during pregnancy...?

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Answer: Hello Belly button pops whn ur belly is stretched complety. It's actually turned inside out due to the belly reaching its max point. If ur belly button dint pop that means ur baby is a bit on the posterior of the uterus. It's nothing to worry abt.
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Question: Why belly button buldges out after delivery??
Answer: It should not..ifit is so then please visit your doctor because few females get umbilical hernias after delivery
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Question: In which week belly button pops out? I m 21 week pregnant
Answer: Hello dear.. belly button pops out only in the third trimester of pregnancy dear...
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Question: My belly button is not coming out even now .why
Answer: 😊Till my delivery date.. my belly button didn't come out, so just chill and only focus on your health and for healthy baby.. Hope it helps you then please like n follow me. 😇
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