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Question: Why baby's cry at night

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Answer: Hi dear, Baby can cry due to lot many reasons. Baby could be colic.that is gas pain could be really uncomfortable for the babies.please try to release the gas by mild massaging the belly or cycling motions of leg. Baby could cry for feed.if the baby is not burped properly the air trapped in the food pipe could hurt baby's chest and other organs.alao if the baby is still hungry and due to the same reason baby can't take more feed. Baby could be sleepy.some babies needs lot of time to get sleep,even if they are sleepy. Comfort the baby by breastfeeding and singing lullaby.donot take baby to bright lights at the time of sleeping. Baby could be having ear pain .which the very common infection a baby gets during cold. Assess the reason and act accordingly.if the baby still cries for more than 3 hours ,won't stop no matter what you do,take him to doctor.
Answer: Vijala laksmi dear my baby won't burp at nite. He will wake up for some time and fall asleep soon while taking feeding.. so is it fine if he won't do burp at nite times
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Question: Why baby cry at night
Answer: It's normal.... Once you're child completes 4 months He will sleep for 4 hours without waking up... And important now warm wash for the child before putting him to sleep at night
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Question: why baby cry at night
Answer: many reasons behind it hunger wet nappy mosquito bite colic pain gas trouble. over dressing over heating.
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Question: Why 4 week baby cry at night
Answer: Please check if ue baby is having gas or costipation. Try these steps to prevent and ease the pain of constipation:- 1.) Burp Often. Burping helps relieve gas by allowing air to escape from the body, keeping it from building up. ... 2.) Keep Baby Upright while breastfeeding 3.) Pump Baby's Legs 4.) Draw a Warm Bath 5.) Try a Baby Massage 6.) Track ur Diet. 7.) Check feeding position. "When you're nursing or bottle-feeding, try to keep the baby's head higher than her stomach. Hope this helps.
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Question: Why my baby use to cry at night
Answer: Not only yours my baby also cry at night ,don't worry Feed properly Massage oil before going to bed Check his whole body whether he is getting pain Use fresh diaper at bed time These are small things which you can't avoid Take care off your baby
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