Few weeks old baby

Question: Why baby is regurgitating milk from nose

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Answer: After feeding keep ur baby on ur shoulder nd massage his back from top to bottom five to ten times.baby will take burping nd regurgitating milk from nose will stop.
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Question: After feeding why milk come from nose
Answer: Hi dear this is a very common problem babies have. But you should remember one thing only the excess intake is coming out from their mouth. So nothing to worry at allReflux is normal upto 3-4 months of age. While feeding, baby takes air along with milk. When u hold baby in upright position for burping, air bubbles come up settling milk down. Sometimes, excess milk comes as a reflux .. You can try these burping your baby regularly throughout feeding giving your baby smaller but more frequent feeds holding your baby upright for a period of time after feeding using thicker milk formulas that are less likely to be brought back up 
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Question: My baby is getting milk from nose why is this happing
Answer: Hello dear. After giving me my feeling you should Burp him properly if it's it might be dangerous to baby to breath while milk run out of the nose. So make you burp him properly under u here the sound of it.
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Question: why milk comes from nose after feeding in newborns
Answer: Almost half of young babies spit up regularly. The peak age for spitting up – also known as reflux – is 4 months. When your baby swallows air along with his breast milk or formula, the air gets trapped in with the liquid. The air has to come up, and when it does, some of the liquid comes up too, through his mouth or nose.Babies take in a lot of nourishment in relation to their size, and some of them really like to eat, so sometimes they become overfilled and, well, overflow. A newborn's digestive system isn't fully developed, either.
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