14 months old baby

Question: Why baby have constipation even when exclusively breast fed

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Answer: Hello, Dear Help her get some exercise. If your baby's a crawler, encourage her to do a few laps. If she's not crawling yet, try pumping her legs instead. While she's lying on her back, gently move her legs in a forward, circular motion as if she were pedaling a bicycle. Massage your baby's belly. Measure three finger-widths below her navel on the lower left side and apply gentle but firm pressure there with your fingertips. Press until you feel a firmness or mass. Maintain gentle but constant pressure for about three minutes. If you feed your baby formula, ask her doctor about switching to a different brand. Sometimes adding dark corn syrup to the formula also does the trick: Start with 1/4 teaspoon per 4 ounces of formula. If that doesn't help, gradually increase the amount. Don't give her more than 1 teaspoon per 4 ounces. Add a little prune juice to formula or breast milk if your baby is at least 4 weeks old. Normally, it isn't necessary to give your baby juice, but a little is okay to help relieve constipation. (Try apple or pear juice if your baby doesn't like the taste of prunes.) Give her an ounce a day for each month of life, up to 4 ounces for a 4-month-old. After 8 months, your baby can have as much as 6 ounces of juice a day to treat constipation. If your baby is old enough to eat a variety of solid foods, cut down on constipating foods like rice, bananas, and cooked carrots. Try giving her a few tablespoons of pureed prunes, apricots, or pears to help loosen her bowel movements. For the best result, give your baby a belly massage first, then some high fiber food.
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Answer: Dear it is absolutely normal for the exclusively breastfeed babies to not poop frequently. my daughter used to poop sometimes once in a week and usually after 3-4 days. Hope it helps.
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Question: Why the baby cries a lot to sleep even when she is fed. How it identify for what reason a baby cries?
Answer: Hi ma'am don't worry infants may be cry due to many reason like feeling hot or cold, want to be carried, colic pain or may be because they want to sleep.... Mostly then will show signals which we need to understand.. If baby is crying after feed that may be due to colic pain.. it s mild gas pain usually happens to infants... I would suggest you to mix little bit of hing (asafoetida) in water and apply near to baby's navel in circular motion.. This remedy will surely help do this twice a day..take care
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Answer: If u r feeding on left side, use ur right hand near elbow portion to press and hold the other nipple. Ur right palm will be free to caress baby's face and head ...
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