7 months old baby

Question: Why am i unable to redeem prize amount of baby game? I have Rs. 155 .... i even sent details to sakhi but nothing is done... can someone pls tell me how this works? Even if i click on redeem it says money will be transferred but nothing happens

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Answer: It shld be like 100 or 200 in figure
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    Swinny Dsilva856 days ago

    How will it be exact round figure when the prize money is like Peanuts? Sometimes you get Rs.3 sometimes Rs.7 so how will it come to exact 200 or 300?

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Question: Hello everyone i have won rs 104 in game but the money is not transferred to paytm.the msg shows the money will transfered but it doesn't.
Answer: Hello dear try to avoid scooty because Dr also suggests not to do.someone will drop u and pick where u want to go or u can hire a vehicle if u r working.it will safeguard for urself and ur baby.
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Question: How to redeem money from the baby game show. I have earned 106rs but money is not being transferred in my account. Is it a fake game.
Answer: Install paytm app. Create account with your phone number. Then come to healofy and transfer the money to that account.
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Question: The baby game in this app is fooling us.. The money can't be redeemed even if we have crossed 100. It just says balance will be transferred but nothing happsns. I've written to Sakhi@healofy mail id too.. But no use. Am I right? Has anyone gained monsy from this game???
Answer: Morover amount is very very less ,it's like chiller these days. At least one should gain a decent amount
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