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Question: Why abdominal pain occurs during 1 st trimester of pregnancy

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Answer: Hello dear Some abdominal aches and pains during pregnancy are quite common and generally pose no threat to you and your baby. After all, your organs are constantly shifting, your uterus is expanding, and your ligaments are stretching. And let's not forget morning sickness. Abdominal pain is mainly caused by: 1. Gas and bloating 2. Constipation 3. Round ligament pain Remedies for abdomen pain: 1. Eat less food 2. Use lemon or lime juice 3. Start BRAT diet that is banana, rice, apple, toast 4. Rest or take a warm bath or shower. 5.Regular exercise will strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles
Answer: Due to uterus expansion. It will be there for sometime and then will cure.sleep more on the left side. It will reduce pain
Answer: It's because of the hormonal changes and your uterus is expanding
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Question: Can i have raw tamarind during 1 st trimester of pregnancy????its my ivf pregnancy
Answer: No dear, you should avoid, if you have carving. You can take just for taste.
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Question: Does abdominal pain occurs during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear. Yes it does and is considered normal. You may notice that you feel period-like cramps or even pain on one side. The most common reason to have pain that feels like cramping is actually your uterus growing or stretching. This is normal pain and should be expected in a healthy pregnancy. You may also feel "full" or "heavy" in the area of your uterus. Hope this helps.
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Question: Why pain occurs in vagina during pregnancy?
Answer: Pain in vaginal region occurs due to the pressure exerted by the growing size of the uterus on the pelvic floor muscles...this weakens the muscles and causes pain... This is absolutely common during pregnancy... One thing that helped me deal with this pain was placing pillow in between my knees while lying down...it helped ease the pain in the vaginal region.m
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