16 months old baby

Question: White poop in my baby infant sincevtwo days, should i worried?

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Answer: Hi.. Dear white baby poop happens when the baby is not able to digest food properly. Please check on the diet. A white color may also indicate a lack of bile from the liver to digest food. However, it will best to see a pediatrician.
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Question: Why the infant baby white poop after feeding cow milk??
Answer: Hi dear, Cow milk is not recommended before 1 year.because,it is difficult to digest and baby' s have weak digestive system.many develop serious intolerance too .like loose motions, vomiting or constipation.some also develop swelling if tounge and face.after 1 year slowly introduce by diluting it.better to be safe than sorry.moreover your baby is only 3 months old,he should be only on breastfeed or formula feed.ciw milk should not be given at this stage at all.also keep checking for baby are tips from Healofy app.
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Question: What should be d temperature considered as fever in infant? My baby is 14 days old
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 14 days old dear normal temperature in infants is 99.0.if ur babies temperature go to 99 then nothing yo worry about its normal there s no need to consult ur pediatrician .if it goes more than 99 then consult to peasiatrician
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Question: My baby poop is green in color i am worried
Answer: Hi Dear! Dont worry its common in babies. If baby has cold, mucus will come out as foam. Just watch for if it continues to happen and if it is accompanied with other issues, is the baby breastfed? How many pee counts? is the baby otherwise active? *My new born had frothy green poop for about 2 months..my paed once said its because their digestive system is not mature enough it ll be alright with time. *Body heat can aldo cause it, try to feel your lo's fontanelle and if it feels hot you can apply coconut oil and gently massage without applying much pressure. *If the baby is breastfed you can have yogurt and pass the benefit as breastmilk its safe. Hope this helps!
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