36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: white milky discharge se koi prblm toh nai?

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Answer: it is normal..nothing to worry about..Normal vaginal discharge during pregnancyis called leukorrhea and is thin, white, milky, and mild smelling.
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Question: Hii..... Mera milky discharge ho raha hai toh koi prblm toh Nhi hai na
Answer: Hi dear what are you on milky white discharge during pregnancy is absolutely normal and if it's not associate with any bad smell your abdomen pain or anything then there is nothing to worry about. Maintain your intimate hygiene and eat a bowl of curd daily as it help to fight with vaginal infection. Hope it helps.
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Question: White milky discharge evry mnrg mostly any prblm??
Answer: There is no problem to your baby.It seems like vaginal infection which is common for most of the womens.please consult doctor and tell if any other symptoms persists.
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Question: Mam white veginal discharge hone se baby ko koi problem toh nai hoti...
Answer: Aise koi problem Nahi hai agar white discharge normal hai aur koi itching ya smell or yellow discharge Nahi hai. Aisa discharge hota hai pregnancy me kyonki aapki body vaginal clean Karti hai.
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Question: White milky thick discharge
Answer: Hii it is a vaginal discharge fluid that exist from vaginal opening, a small amount of discharge is a reflection of the body normal cleansing process.leucorrhoea is the term for the thin ,milky white and mild smelling discharge.that may women experience through out the pregnancy.  The amount and type of discharge also varies among women with the women menstrual cycle.  A change in discharge such as abnormal odor color or increase in amount can indicate in infection.
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