16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: white discharge k karn usually infection bhut hoti ha...kya kru...??

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Answer: Use lactacyd and wash private parts daily. It helps you to decrease the smell and stay away from infection. Also take good amount of water daily, at least 10 glasses.
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Question: vaginal white creme discharge with bad smell. ....bohot tension ho rhi ha mam ...kya kru?
Answer: hi dear ! if your have vaginal discharge with foul smell and itching then best advise is to consult your gynac there is a possibility of infection. dont worry it can be treated by medicines and the baby will be safe .but make sure to make a visit at the gynac
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Question: Mujhe white discharge ho raha bhut tension ho rahi h kya kru
Answer: White discharge is normal.  Under some circumstances, you should look out for the consistency and the smell of the discharge. If it is curd-like and thick it could be a fungal infection and you need to visit with your gynaecologist who can prescribe appropriate medications for you. If it is profuse thin watery discharge with a foul smelling odour it could be a bacterial infection. In this case, you also need to consult with your gynaecologist. If there is white discharge that isn't very profuse and is thin and watery this is normal for it is a mechanism in which vagina cleanses itself. You need to wear a panty liner if it is too much. In any situations of burning during urination or itching, you need to consult with your gynaecologist​.
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Question: Hi .kya usually white dishcharge hona pregnency hone me rukawat ha?
Answer: Dear Dear ye discharge normal hai and jab vaginal area cleaning karta hai toh hota hai. But agar discharge ke sath smell, itching ya jalan bhi hai toh ye infection ke karan ho sakta hai and aap ek baar doctor ko check karvae taki medicine shuru ki ja sake. Agar ye infection ke karan nai hai toh isse pregnancy mai koi rukawat nai hogi but agar ye infection ke karan hota toh usko theek karna important hai pregnancy ke lea..
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