20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: White discharge is high in per day 4 times is normal please help me

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Answer: I have itching in body and light pain in vagina my doctor is suggesting Nuforec CD 3 it's safe for pregnancy please answer me mam
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Question: Hi docter baby hiccups 4 times per day in womb is that normal plz reply me?
Answer: Hi.. Most women become aware of fetal hiccups in the second or third trimester, though some babies do not get hiccups in the womb, and some women never feel them.. Therefore, it is normal so don't worry..
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Question: White watery discharge 4 to 5 times a day is it normal?
Answer: White discharge is common during pregnancy as it is due to increased blood flow to vagina . And also it prevents from vaginal infection. So don't worry it's normal and you have a well balanced diet include green leafy vegetables beetroot drumsticks date dry fruits milk and milk products. Fruit juice coconut water lemonade which helps to maintain the energy levels and also helps to maintain the water level. Take care and take proper rest. Everything will be fine
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Question: Hi watery white mix discharge in the morning intoilet is high it's normal or anything,, please help me
Answer: Hi..little spotting and brown discharge during pregnancy, is normal, therefore, do not worry. Keep yourself hydrated, drink lot of water and juices. If it is more than little speak to your gynaecologist once..
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