9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: White discharge in 9 week pregnancy is normal or not

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Answer: Hello dear. White discharge during pregnancy is due to the harmonal changes in the body which is quiet common. Here are a few tips that might help you to reduce white discharge : Maintain Cleanliness. Avoid Fried & Spicy Foods. Eat fresh foods. Wear cotton underwear. Wear Loose & Comfortable Clothes. Drink Enough Water. Consume yogurt. Take care.
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Question: White discharge normal in pregnancy or not
Answer: Hii it is a vaginal discharge fluid that exist from vaginal opening, a small amount of discharge is a reflection of the body normal cleansing process.leucorrhoea is the term for the thin ,milky white and mild smelling discharge.that may women experience through out the pregnancy.  The amount and type of discharge also varies among women with the women menstrual cycle.  A change in discharge such as abnormal odor color or increase in amount can indicate in infection.
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Question: White watery discharge is 10 week pregnancy normal or not
Answer: Hi,white discharge at anytime during pregnancy is normal and it is called leuckhorea. Unless it is yellow in colour or has bad odour,it indicates infection to avoud that you should maintain a hood hygeine.
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Question: 6 week pregnancy white discharge is normal or not?
Answer: This is very normal but you must stay dry clean your vagina with water and wipe it with toilet paper.
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