30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: White discharge at 29 weeks ..pain in lower abdominal area..

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Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy white discharge is normal in pregnancy drink lot of water coconut water buttermilk so that discharge will get reduced check if the discharge has any smell since you are also having abdominal pain if it is smelly then it could be infection and you need to contact doctor else nothing to worry about that take jeera water every day before you sleep pain will get reduced slowly take care
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    Aroosha Aamir1044 days ago

    Thanx alotttt

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    Naga Chitrika1044 days ago


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Question: i am 27th weeks pregnant,i feel mild white discharge and pain in right side lower abdominal and vegina..
Answer: Hi dear. Vaginal discharge during pregnancy is totally normal and is thin, white, milky, and mild smelling. You know I used to sleep on my left side with a pillow between the legs. This is the best sleeping position as advised by my doctor. You too try it, your pain will reduce. Take care.
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Question: Hii, i m having a watery &slide white discharge and left side lower abdominal area pelvic area pain ful???
Answer: Hello! White discharge is common in pregnancy. There is nothing to worry. Even mild pain is common. It happens due to the expanding uterus which leads to stretching of the muscles and ligaments. Try to drink plenty of water Have some exercise Sleep on the sides. Take care
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Question: Is it normal to have whitish discharge and pain in lower abdominal area
Answer: yes it is normal to have whitish discharge in the beginning of pregnancy because of the implantation that is happening inside you this is when the Placenta is being made
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