19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: While standing near 10 mint my legs r getting pain....I am not getting wt to do....

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Answer: Hie the swelling or pain in your feets is due to increase in blood volume As during pregnancy the blood volume increase near about 50% to meet the increasing demand of your baby and yourself Avoid standing or sitting for long intervals of time as it allows the blood to pool and hence cause swelling Take a quick walk for 2-5 min in between that would help with blood circulation Massage your feets once a day to ease the tension in muscles , get the blood circulating and ease pain or swelling You may apply cold pack or soak in a tub of warm water Also while sleeping keep a pillow in between your knees and below your feets to comfort you
Answer: Hello! Legs pain is normal..its nothing to worry about..stretch your muscles..stretching is useful to help alleviate cramp..massaging the cramping muscle helps take away the cramps..you can also wrap an ice pack..hope it will help you..take care
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Answer: Nothing serious,it is common only, don't worry , please take rest or relax every 15 minutes . Take hot water bath for pain relief
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Question: I am having mild back pain and my legs start to pain of standing for long time... Wat to do?
Answer: Dnt sit r stand for long time take rest as much as possible sleep well & start walking
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Answer: Feed properly.that is the sign of dehydration.go for multiple time feeds
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