19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: while sleeping can we shift from left to right or either side directly or should we get up and turn?

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Answer: Hello Lying down can cause dizziness as the pressure of ur belly can compress a major blood vessel cutting of the blood supply leaving u feeling pukish and dizzy. Lying on ur right is not bad it can just worsen the heart burns. The best way to sleep during ur pregnancy is on ur left. Sleeping in dis position supplies ur uterus with more blood. N ur baby gets a good blood supply. Also the baby gets good blood supply. The liver is positioned slightly on ur right so whn u sleep on ur left u have more room for the baby this means u ll feel baby movements better. Due to the extra space available ur organs relax a bit so u will feel a little better wr ur hurt burns r concerned. Hope I helped
Answer: U can turn slowly holding belly from sides by hand n change sides.no issues.u can lay on ur back for few mintues.but not more than 5mintues.vn u go to scanning v sleep on back only n they take almost 15-20mints.does anything happen.no na.just dnt sleep bcz vn v get sleep v sleep for more hrs.it vl b dangerous on sleeping on back.so just tc.hope this will be helpful
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Question: While sleeping on my side if I want turn from left to right or from right to left. I have get up and have to turn or I can turn as usual... Please let me know..
Answer: Hi dear congrats, Don't worry. You can turn, no need to get up but make sure you don't sleep on back for longer. Take care
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Question: While sleeping can we turn left and right by lying itself?or should we get up and turn?
Answer: If you are comfortable in changing position in lying down position then there is no problem but if you have pain or any problem then it's better to sit and then change the position
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Question: while sleeping turning from left to right or either side , can we turn directly or get up turn the other side and sleep?
Answer: You can change sides directly... But being careful.. it won't hurt now.. but when your tummy will grow bigger.. you might feel it difficult.. changing sides carefully is important
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