35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which week the baby head down position come

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Answer: Hi. Babies come in head down positiin in between 31 to 37th week. If baby dont come in head down position by this week dictors wiuld go for c-section
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Question: Which week the baby will come to head down position
Answer: It differs from one to another. By 34th week itself it may come down for some women. It may take up to 39 weeks.
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Question: Pregnancys Which week baby come in head down position
Answer: Hello! It is generally within 32-35 weeks that the baby comes in head down position. After this there are no chances and one should be mentally prepared for a C-section. Take care
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Question: In which week the baby head settles down in position
Answer: Hello, I'm happy to help. Generally, women in their first pregnancy will notice their baby has dropped about two weeks before they deliver. Here are a few signs: If you have a lump to the left or the right at the top of your tummy, try pressing gently on it. If you feel your baby's whole body move, it suggests that he's in a head-down position. You may also notice that you feel his hiccups below your belly button. Hope this information was helpful.
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Question: Hello my baby head is not in the down position still when the head will come in down p in which week
Answer: Generally the baby gets into head down position between 34-36 weeks of pregnancy... so try doing the pelvic tilt exercise dear..this will help get the baby into the head down position... check YouTube video to see how it is supposed to be done..
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