34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Which week dr advice for sonography for due date? And in this sonography due date will same or different from upto already done sonography?

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Answer: Due dates are same in all Sonography. For exact date u go through pv test done by gynecologist.
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Question: my lmp dec 19..when is my due date .how many weeks right now iam and in which thrimister and which month
Answer: Dear acvording to ur lmp 19 dec if ur period cycle is of 28 days ur due date ll be 26 sep .it may change if ur period cycle s up or down of 28 days .nd according to ur lmp 19 dec .ur 28 weeks s running .28 weeks means 7 months.. its ur 3 trimester. Enjoy ur pregnancy.
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Question: Is there any time limit for Glucose Screening test? Or it can be done in any week or month?
Answer: Dear there s no time limit of GTT test .Dear if pregnant womens sugar level comes high in test then dr suggest gtt test too so first go 4 sugar test if it ll high then only go 4 Gtt test too try it
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Question: Cervix length at 20th week was 2.9 mm. Dr advice me for taking rest and not to stand for long time. Now I m 24 week pregnant. So can I do walk for 10 to 15 minutes in evening??
Answer: No you should not... Just follow your Dr advice...cervix length was low , if it goes below 2.5mm means abnormal
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