2 years old baby

Question: Which type of food given to baby

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Answer: Hello dear...you can give your baby normal food whatever you cook at home dear... just make it a little less spicy for your baby and feed it to your baby dear...
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Question: Which tyep of food should given to 13months baby
Answer: Follow 3 meals and 2 snacks plan don't bind yourself in diet chart as it's hard to follow telling this as per my personal experience.. Small kids are not having fixed schedule and even you can't follow same timing. For example if bf at 10 then after 1.5 hours give snack then after 2 hours lunch then after 1.5 hours snack then after 2 hours serve dinner. Milk should be on demand and supply basis. You can serve Dalia , khichdi , juice, fruits, sooji kheer, boiled veggies etc. Happy feeding
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Question: Haii . How to get fair baby for taking which type of food..plz tell me
Answer: Hi..it is said that coconut water, saffron milk, almonds, milk, oranges, consuming lots of ghee in pregnancy etc.helps to get fair baby but it can be myth also and true also. So, it is upto u. U can try the above food items. But the color of baby mainly depends on parents...
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Question: Which type of food I need to give my baby to pass stool normally?
Answer: Himalaya bonnison, but first consult doctor,. But this is very good for babies.
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